Healthy Reef Healthy Future

Citizen Science

Learn how to perform a Coral Reef Health Check!              

Day 1: Discover the Reef HQ Aquarium’s Turtle Hospital and go on a Reef Diversity and Sustainability Tour where you will learn how staff members keep Reef HQ Aquarium’s living exhibits healthy and how they maintain “Living Coral Reef on Land”. Reef HQ Aquarium is Queensland’s only tourism attraction to be registered as a solar power station. Discover how renewable energy is being used to reduce the Aquarium’s carbon footprint on a tour of the solar power station.

Reef Health Assessment Training           
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s “Rapid Monitoring Program” is the latest citizen science that enables community members to participate in monitoring the Great Barrier Reef’ health. This program can easily be adopted by people without a scientific background. You will receive in-water training within the Coral Reef Exhibition (the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium).

Perform a Coral Reef Health Check!

Day 2: Put your learnings to practical use on a snorkelling adventure with Adrenalin Snorkel & Dive exploring the Great Barrier Reef whilst helping the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority monitor reef conditions and report on wildlife sightings.  By collecting information on reef health, delegates make a valuable contribution to research needed for reef conservation work. Optional scuba diving can be organised upon request.


Program Duration: Two Days
Location: Reef HQ Aquarium & Great Barrier Reef
Maximum Group Size: 20 people (min. 10)
Meals: Morning tea, lunch (included) and dinner (optional)
Accommodation: Overnight at Reef HQ Aquarium(optional)
Additional Information: Transfers from hotels or conference venue can be arranged upon request.

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