Food 2 Food – Turn your Food Waste into Fertiliser

Leaving a Legacy

Every piece of food we don’t eat is energy wasted to the ecosystem and the economic process that sustains us. Food waste generates methane and other carbon related emissions irrespective of treatment processes. Reduce your ecological footprint by hiring a Bio-RegenTM mobile unit that will convert the food waste generated during your event into liquid biofertiliser. The Bio-RegenTM technology produces minimal off-gases (independently verified in Scotland) and converts all of the organic material into a soil enhancer, which means none of the final product is disposed of to landfill or elsewhere. The technology working through the Bio-RegenTM unit is manufactured by a local Townsville company and was originally designed by a local inventor. It is now used all over the world as the most effective way to convert food waste into a valuable product.

Minimum Rental Period: Two Days
Donation Options: The options for using the biofertiliser produced from your conference are unlimited - Speak to us on how your food waste can contribute to the local community by donating the biofertiliser to community gardens, local farmers or the conference venue gardens to name a few.
Additional Information: Presentations or keynote speeches on this innovative organic waste management process and about options for donating the biofertiliser can be arranged upon request and can be tailored to your requirements and preferences.

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