Eco-Catchment Education Tours

Citizen Science

The City of Townsville’s Integrated Sustainability Department, its collaborators and partners offer a range of holistic Sustainability Programs around the Townsville region and can connect you to global change and real sustainability in practice.  Through participating in Eco-Catchment Education Tours (Advanced Ecotourism Certified with Ecotourism Australia) you may discover the hidden world of energy flows in Townsville’s urban environment and follow the water cycle from catchment to coral reef, as well as the wonders of its biodiversity hotspots. You can get involved in a range of activities from useful tree planting to learning about urban “blue, not green” sustainability, building and infrastructure. Opportunities exist for community based ecological water quality monitoring, aquatic flora and fauna sampling, innovative insight driven building and energy monitoring and measurement, and active thematic interpretation of the local wetlands, waterways, sustainable buildings, rainforests, savannas and coral reefs. Through thematic interpretation, Ecological Learnscapes are introduced and the connections between the built environment and our surrounding natural habitats explained.

There is a variety of Learnscapes to choose from in and around Townsville ranging from waterways, wetlands, islands, creeks and conservation parks to sports stadiums, residential areas, the CBD, an energy substation or City Council among many more. Enquire about the different Learnscapes available and choose the one most suitable for your conference.

By participating in Council’s nationally certified Eco-Catchment Tours, delegates can obtain first hand an appreciation of the work this collaborative community has been doing and become active communicators on it. By learning about tropical “blue” sustainability you will be creating a more sustainable environment for not only the Townsville North Queensland region, but the whole world.


Program Duration: Flexible ranging from 2-3 hours to a full day depending on Learnscape. Tours can be tailored to your requirements and interests.
Location: Various Learnscapes around Townsville
Additional Information: 40 people (min. 5)
Transport Information: Transport to the Learnscapes can be  organised upon request.

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